Japanese Number Puzzles by Nikoli

Japanese Number Puzzles by Nikoli


This is a universal puzzle book that contains nearly 100 puzzles!

Our explanations are provided in English with newcomers in mind to help facilitate a smooth introduction to Nikoli-style puzzles.

It contains Find the Same Two, Maze, Sudoku, Shikaku, Numberlink, Word Search, Dot to Dot, Akari, Fillomino, Pencils, Stained-Glass, Tilepaint, Maze Japan, Picto Maze, Nurikabe, Slitherlink, Kakuro, Spot the Difference

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Nikoli Puzzles

Nikoli is a publisher based in Tokyo, Japan.  It was founded in 1980 and published the first puzzle magazine in Japan.   Since then, Nikoli has created more than 300 types of logic puzzles.  Many of Nikoli’s puzzles are handcrafted which makes the company the only kind like it in the world.  

The world craze Sudoku is named by Nikoli’s founder, Maki Kaji.

Why Nikoli puzzles?

Since we started publishing the puzzle magazine Puzzle Tsushin Nikoli in 1980, Nikoli has specialized solely in logic puzzles. We don’t have a gigantic vision or policy to expand into other areas. We just wish to share the joy and excitement of puzzles with our creators and readers.

The secret behind Nikoli puzzles

What makes Nikoli puzzles unique is the fact that our editors collaborate with numerous individual creators and fans. Creators submit puzzles and our experienced editors review each and every one. We are very particular about the quality of puzzles selected for publication. Even an experienced creator can get rejected through this reviewing process. Having a fan based creation process gives Nikoli puzzles a totally different “flavor” and excitement from the computer-formulated ones.

 Both beginners and experts can enjoy Nikoli puzzles.

A unique aspect about Nikoli puzzles is that the same puzzle that is challenging to a beginner and yet solvable, can also give an expert pleasure in solving too.  An expert might think they figured out the trick a creator has hidden but walk into a trap, which creates a sort of mind game between the solver and the creator.  Through these hidden tricks even an expert can enjoy the easy versions.

 The bond between the creator and the solver.

All of our creators were once just our readers and fans.  We have a long history of publishing high quality puzzle submissions from fans.  Anyone who aspires to create puzzles has examples right in front of them.  Creating a puzzle question does not necessarily require a special skill either.  It is a process of expressing what you think may be enjoyable on a puzzle board.


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