sloth bucket

Sloth Bucket

Sloth Bucket is a website dedicated to people who approach their life like puzzles
waiting to be solved through inspiration and intuition. Puzzles connect our sense of
wonder with the drive to conquer challenges.

The Sloth Bucket editors seek, discover and share the stories of the puzzles out in
the world. Whether it’s people talking about their recreational routine, items they have
procured in their travels or simply what the term “puzzles” means to them all these
tales are important to not only Sloth Bucket but the puzzle community as well.

Sloth Bucket curates products with a focus on craftsmanship and technical
prowess while facilitating the use of services which are enthralling and individual to the
modern age in which we live in. The crafted paper puzzles, handmade wooden puzzles
and stationary pieces of the Sloth Bucket catalogue are items we believe can be used to
enhance cognitive functions and problem solving techniques we use in everyday life.
With the core of our specializing on a more traditional approach we stand out in a
technological marketplace prioritizing the integrity of our brand and all aspects of
production and delivery system to get our message out to the world.

Sloth Bucket is based in New York, with contributors and readers all over the world.